About the Brand

You can refer to me as Castles!
I am the owner/operator of the brand
My love for Anime really made me want to explore ideas of my own. I wanted create a cast of characters I could see being in one of my favorite shows, or even in a video game. I wanted to write a whole back story of the characters and be fully immersed. Castles originated as a way for me to escape the day to day. 
The name “Castles” came from an idea of a short story I had wanted to write. I was going to name the story “Castles”. It was about a lighthearted clumsy thief who goes into a haunted castle to steal treasure and gets way in over her head.  

I’d love to make the short story a reality one day.
I encourage anyone who has every thought of pursuing something like this, to do it. Creating this brand has been a truly fulfilling experience. 

Thank you!

- Castles